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Customer Service



Terms and Conditions

1. All prices are Nett, unless otherwise stated.

2. Placing an order

 Please contact us for our availability, an order is not confirmed until an invoice has been sent.

Tel: +65 6466 1268 Email:


3. Delivery Charges

Balloon Delivery


4. Payment Method

Cash or Cheque upon delivery, Bank Transfer / Internet Banking


5. Refund & Exchange

Items sold are non-exchangeable and non-refundable except for items received with defects. Balloon Blasters will replace the arrangement for defected items without any cost. Seasonal merchandise and items sold as special buys or clearance are not subject to return. Balloon Blasters will not be responsible for any balloons burst after you take over unless it's items with defects.


6. Substitution

Party Blasters reserves the right to substitute any of the other related items of equal or higher value.





Frequently Asked Questions


1. How long does your balloon last?

A: Our 11" latex balloon generally last from 6-10 hours and our 18" foil balloon last for 1-3 days.


2. Payment mode?



3. Are you open on sat and sun?

A: YES!!!!


4. When should I order the balloons?

A: You can order the balloons one week or more in advance if you would like to confirm a certain design etc. Otherwise balloons and our team will be subjected to availability. 


5. Why does my balloon look deflated when I bring them in the air-conditioned places?

A: Helium expand and contract a lot faster than air thus when it is brought to a cool place, the balloons may appear deflated. Do not worry when it happens as when you bring it out to a hotter area, it'll expand and go back to it's normal inflated state.


6. Are your balloons inclusive of helium?

A: Our balloon pricing includes helium charges and they come with the inflation of helium.


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Address: PasarBella, Grand Stand 200 Turf Club Road, Bukit Timah Singapore 287994 #02-06 / #02-K58

Telephone: +65 6466 1268 (65) 6466 1268 200 Turf Club Road, PasarBella Stall 70, The Grand Stand ( Turf City ) Singapore 287994